2019 Alumni Banquet

The Arkport Alumni Banquet was held July 12, 2019 at The Main Place in Hornell, NY. The following is the summary of the banquet and notice of the business.

2018-2019 Arkport Alumni Association Annual Business Report
Arkport Alumni Banquet July 12, 2019

The 55th annual Arkport Alumni Association Banquet was held July 12, 2019 at The Main Place in Hornell, NY with 163 alumni members and guests in attendance.

President Linda Wellington Burdett made welcoming remarks and after the invocation, delivered by David Barnard, class of 1969, alumni members and guests enjoyed a wonderful buffet dinner provided by Infinity Catering.

During the 2019 banquet the following class were honored:
Class of 1944 (75 years) one member in attendance

Class of 1969 (50 years) 37 members and guests in attendance
Class of 1994 (25 years) 5 members and guests in attendance

The following classes were recognized:
Class of 1949 (70 years) 2 members and guests in attendance
Class of 1959 (60 years) 3 members and guests in attendance
Class of 1979 (40 years) 19 members and guest in attendance
Class of 1989 (30 years) no members in attendance

Class of 1999 (20 years) 7 members and guests in attendance
Class of 2009 (10 years) 3 members and guests in attendance

Linda noted that alumni members attending were from 13 states NY, PA, VA, MA, TX, FL, GA, CA, MD, UT, AR, CO, NC and Alaska.

The association presented an alumni mug to Cheryl Latimer Chacon, Class of 1969, for traveling the furthest. (Fresno, CA 2,800 miles) and presented a gift of medicinal beer to Bing Howe for representing the oldest class in attendance 1943.

Flowers from Berry Vine Creation were presented to Mary Lou Brown Gottschall, as honored class member from 1944. Linda also read from a thank you card May Lou sent the alumni on her memories attending school.

Linda gave a short history on education in Arkport and surrounding area and David Barnard shared a few memories from the class of 1969 that was hysterical!

Vice President Marjorie Osborn Wagner, introduced scholarships winners from the class of 2019 reading a list of their achievements during high school. The scholarship winners were:

The Paul “Wink” Wolfgruber and Paul J. Wolfgruber Memorial Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 ($500 a year for two [2] years) Cheyenne Timothy

The C. Jack Wraight Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500 was awarded to Aaron McCarthy

The Canisteo Valley Historical Society Scholarship in the amount of $300 awarded to John Currie

Class of 1969 Memorial School in memory of deceased classmates in the amount of $1,525.00 was awarded to Elizabeth Buisch

6-$600Arkport Alumni Scholarships were awarded to:
Cheyenne Timothy, Aaron McCarthy, John Currie, Ashleigh Merry, Allison Merry, and Sadie Lippincott

2019 Alumni Business Meeting was called to order by President Burdett. The Secretary’s Minutes and Treasurer’s report were read and approved. The floor was open for election of officers. Linda advised that Nancy Amidon Glover had stepped down as treasurer and that a recommendation was made for Heather Hartwell Clark to replace Nancy. Heather was nominated and seconded and the members approved Heather after no other nominations were made.

A member recommended that the other members of the alumni association, who had agreed to stay on be approved and membership voted to approve.

The officer of the 2019-2020 Arkport Alumni approved by membership
President: Linda Wellington Burdett
Vice President: Marjorie Osborn Wagner
Secretary: Tracie Hoyt McCarthy
Treasurer: Nancy Amidon Glover

The meeting was closed with the read of an alumni poem and the singing of the Alma Mater.

Alumni officers wished to thank alumni members and area businesses who donated many give-a-ways. (listing attached)

Alumni members enjoyed socializing with old and new friends, going thru yearbooks and historical memorabilia on display.

Respectfully submitted,
Tracie Hoyt McCarthy
Arkport Alumni Secretary