Alumni Military members

A special Thank You to all the men and women who sacrificed so much so we may enjoy our freedoms today.

Many alumni members through the years have been or are current members of Armed Forces.

Please post a family member or friend you would like say Thank You to.

Francis Wellington, class of 1941, CPL Marine Corp died in combat 12/12/1943

Fred Kemp, class of 1968, US Marine  died in combat 5/8/1968

Marie Howe Brands, Class of 1941

Ernest Dungan Class of 1941, US Army

Jack “Bing Howe” class of 1943

David Terwilliger, Class of 1963, US Army 1966-1968

Terence Terry Allison class of 1964

Ronald Strobel class of 1964

Jack Bailey class of 1965

Ronald Faulkner class of 1965

D Edward Howe class of 1965

John Senka class of 1965

Charles Williams class of 1965

Duane Burley Class of 1966

Fred Calnan class of 1966

Jack Howe class of 1966

John Marcus class of 1966

Douglas Baker class of 1967

Daniel Hartwell class of 1967

William Jones, class of 1967  Air Force

Donald Kennell class of 1967

William Scott Pryor class of 1967

Richard Hartwell class of 1968

Patrick Mahany class of 1968

Thomas Shroyer class of 1968

William Stewart class of 1968

Nelson Williams class of 1968

Austin Briggs class of 1969

Mike Pryor class of 1970

Randall Baker class of 1971

Audrey J. Randall Whiting, class of 1973  US Army  Disabled

Jay Glover class of 1977

Russell Booth II class of 1978

David Dunham Class of 1978

Melford Greene class of 1978

Craig Stauring class of 1978

Jay Sugden class of 1978

Joel Stauring class of 1988

Samuel Edwards class of 1989

John Jamison class of 1991

Michael F. Muhleisen class of 1992

Toby Hansen Class of 1995

Jeremy Bagley class of 1996

Jeremy Morgan class of 1997

Shane Stevens class of 1997

Rachel Baker Thomas class of 1998

Benjamin Perry class of 2000

Joseph Shinebarger class of 2000

James Gentile class of 2001

Jonathan Grillo class of 2001

Angela Ebert Kolewe class of 2001

Ambur Hurlbut class of 2002

Rachel Wolfanger Schramm Class of 2002

Kyle Baker class of 2003

Jerad Canfield class of 2003

Leo Seamon class of 2003

James Amell class of 2005

Laura Margie Nephew Hunt class of 2005

Brian Gowiski class of 2008

Zach Aumick class of 2009

Branden Erskine class of 2011

Cody Mackey class of 2011

Tanner Gomez Snyder class of 2012

Gar Chatain class of 2014

Phillip Hurlbut class of 2014

Jamie Lemen class of 2015

Justyn Schumaker class of 2015

Hunter Erskine class of 2016

Emily Jones class of 2017

Elizabeth Mikolajczyk class of 2018