Alumni Military members

A special Thank You to all the men and women who sacrificed so much so we may enjoy our freedoms today.  Many alumni members through the years have been or are current members of the Armed Forces.

We wanted to included all our alumni members but records/sources were not available.  We did find a copy of the ARKPORT WALL OF HONOR sign, which was located outside of the old post office on Main Street in Arkport.  The bronze sign below lists those killed in action during WWII and other conflicts. This sign hangs in the lobby of Arkport Central School. Also below is a page of pictures was put together by Walter Sherner, Arkport District Clerk showing pictures of men in WWII . We have typed the list from the board and the sign and the picture page and included the year they graduated if we know.  Please remember that many young men and women did not complete their high school education, but enlisted in the service during WWII. 

Arkport Wall of Honor Sign
Richard Potter, Donald Perry ’43, David Robords ’40, Jane Reynolds, Richard Roosa, LeGrande Rawleigh, Kenneth Stewart ’29, Wesley Tennant, Robert L. Van Name, George R. Willey ’43, Robert White ’42, Virginia Wyant Yochum ’31, Eunice Young ’30, Raymond Wyant ’37, Leverette Terwilliger, Donald Batchelder ’33, Robert F. Sutkin, John Lusk, William D. Lusk, General Jackson, Leo L. Thomas, Wallace Shroyer ’43, Gail Eiband ’43, Lyle F. Marvin ’36, Clifford Amidon, Robert Bailey, Oswald Baker, Lyle Baker ’40, John F. Clark, Lyle Clark ’36,Charles Cook ’37,Richard Cook, Clayton Crandall, James Davis, Francis O. Wellington ’41, Edward DeGroff ’37

Robert DeVinney ’37, Spencer DeVinney ’41, Harold DeVinney, Clarence Dungan ‘ 28, Carroll T. Bowen, Bruce E. Dungan ’43, Arthur Davidson, Eugene Davidson, Donald Elsenheimer, ’38, Robert Elsenheimer, 35, Gaylord Ellis, Paul Fedick, Thomas E. Fisk, John R. Foltz, Martin Flint ‘ 38, Victor, Herbert, Howard Hartwell ’43, Jack “Bing” Howe ’43, Ellis Batchelder ‘ 40, John Hultz, Milton Snyder, Kenneth M. Clark ’40, Richard Roosa, Kenneth Glady, Donald Brutzman, Vivian Dolheimer, George Barnes ’42, Bernard Labourr 32, LaVerne Wallace ’33, Ivan A. Robbins, Paul Ritenburg ’38, Peter Piyak, Ernest E. Dungan ’41, George Welch ’41, Jack R. Foreman ’37, Carl Flickner

Jack Clesattel, Frank T. Smith, Marie Howe Brands ’41, Vincent Falkner, Homer Jones ’41, Harold Jones ’43, Howard Jones, Jack Clark ’38, Adam Cameron, Richard Brokaw, Howard Brokaw, Lloyd Brokaw, Leslie L. Halbert, Lloyd Halbert, Carl Ritenburg, George Freeman, John Williams, John E. Hall, Rowland Smith, Charles C. France, Donald LaBourr ’35, Donald Clark ’39, Francis Gowiski ’39, Harry Gowiski, Carroll Glover, 41, Donald M. Griffin ’37, Roger Haggerty ’43, Charles Howe ’39, Ray C. Hartwell, Frank Hurlbut, Gerald S. Hubric ’22, Edward C. Ingalls, Arnold L. Isaman, Harold A. Johnson ’40, Harold F. Karns ’33, Arthur H. Leith ’42

Ray A. Latimer ’37, Roy W. Latimer, Earl D. Sutfin, Eugene Ludden ’40, Stanley Marvin, Elbert Monaghan, Roy Monaghan ’37, Richard B. Olds, Bernard Piatt, Kenneth Wilcox, Fred Dailey, Carlton Parsons ’42, Vincent Payne, Paul Taylor, Harvey Swift, George Jennings, George Davis, Lester Pearl, Earl Wallace, Rodney Potter, Ellis DeGroff ’37, Reginald Labourr, Qeuntin Robinson, Hugh Robinson, Lavere Neale ’39, Seymour Newell, Carlton Brush ’38, Carl Moody, Gray Multer ’44, Roderick Eiband ’44, Orrin Hartwell ’44, Harry Scheithauer ’44, LD Wilkins ’36, Kenneth Cary ’44, Harold Babcock, Arlene Baker, Arthur Olds ’39, Harold E. Johnson ’40, Kenneth Howe ’44, George Lawrence, Elihu Reynolds, Leon Neu ’44, Robert Elsenheimer, Donald Cary ’41, Milton Swarts, Richard Roosa, Ernest Dungan ’41, Lloyd Brokaw, Harold Karns, Virginia Wyant ’31, Marie Howe ’41.

Bronze sign:  Victor Herbert, KIA – George Jennings, KIA – Roy W. Latimer, Class of 1932, KIA – Francis Wellington, Class of 1941, KIA – Milton Schwartz,  Class of 1941, KIA – Donald Cary, KIA and Fred Kemp, VietNam War, KIA

We also found additional information on Roy W. Latimer, KIA February 18, 1945 during World War II in the US Army as a Technician fourth Class with the 318th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division and was awarded the Purple Heart.  Roy was buried in Plot G, Row 5, Grave 7 in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.  (This is an American Battle Monuments commission location.)

Page of pictures: 
Top Left:  Lyle Barnes, Jimmy Davis, George Welch, Art Leith, Ernie Dungan
Second Row: Bob Bailey, Francis Wellington, Elbert Monaghan, Gene Davidson, Jack Clesattel
Third Row: John Folts,Don Carey
Fourth Row:  Bob White, Jack Jackson
Fifth Row: ? Townsend, Jack Aldrich
Sixth Row: Ray Wyant, Francis Gowiski, Ray Hartwell, Ellis Batchelder, Paul Ritenburg
Seventh Row:  Frank Smith, Dick Olds, Jack Clark,  Charlie Howe, Ed DeGroff
Eighth Row:  Homer Jones, John Clark, Don Griffin, Martin Flint, Ellis DeGroff

Francis Wellington, class of 1941, CPL Marine Corp died in combat 12/12/1943
Fred Kemp, class of 1968, US Marine  died in combat 5/8/1968

Eunice Young, Class of 1930, US Army, Nurse 1939
Harold Karns, Class of 1933
Robert DeVinney, Class of 1937, US Army
Donald Griffin, Class of 1937, US Army
Raymond Wyant, Class of 1937, US Army Air Corp.
Jack Clark, Class of 1938, US Army
Paul Ritenburg, Class of 1938, US Army
Martin Eiband, Class of 1939
Raymond Hartwell, Class of 1940, US Navy
Marie Howe Brands, Class of 1941, US Navy
Ernest Dungan Class of 1941, US Army
George Barnes, Class of 1942, US Navy
Arthur Leith, Class of 1942, US Navy
Robert White, Class of 1942, US Navy
Jack “Bing” Howe, Class of 1943, US Navy
Lloyd Henry, Class of 1957, US Army
Stanley Pfaff, Class of 1945, US Army
Robert  Wyant, Class of 1945, US Navy
James Piatt, Sr. Class of 1946,US Navy
Charles Wellington, Class of 1947, US Army, Korean War, SSG
James Fuller, Class of 1948, US Navy
William T. Pryor, Class of 1948, US Marine, served in Korea
Dale Pfaff, Class of 1949, US Air Force
Lucy Wyant Harper, Class of 1950, US Air Force 1952
Clair Johnson, Class of 1950, US Air Force
Paul E. Loree, Class of 1951, US Army, Korean Police Action
Thomas G. Loree, Class of 1951, US Army, Korean Police Action
Dean Piatt, Class of 1952, US Air Force
Robert Libbey, Class of 1953, US Marine
Thomas Hoeffner, Class of 1953, US Marine
Monroe D. Prentice, Class of 1958, US Navy, Retired
Dwight Burger, Class of 1959, US Navy
Kenneth Griffin, Class of 1959
Robert Tobey, Class of 1959, US Navy, 1963-1967
James Roosa, Class of 1960 
Gary Falzoi, Class of 1962, US Navy
Linda McKibben Johnson, Class of 1961, US Navy
John Hubric, Class of 1963
David Terwilliger, Class of 1963, US Army 1966-1968
Terence Terry Allison class of 1964
Ronald Roosa, Class of 1964
Ronald Strobel, Class of 1964
Jack Bailey, Class of 1965
Ronald Faulkner, Class of 1965
D. Edward Howe, Class of 1965
Joel “Butch” McKibben, Class of 1965  US Navy
John Senka, Class of 1965
Charles Williams class of 1965
Duane Burley Class of 1966
Fred Calnan, US Army,  class of 1966
Roger Griffin, Class of 1966, US Army
Jack Howe, class of 1966
John Marcus, class of 1966
Roger Wing, Class of 1966 
Douglas Baker, Class of 1967
Dan Faulkner, Class of 1967, US Army
Mary Roosa Forshee, Class of 1967
Daniel Hartwell class of 1967
William Jones, class of 1967, US  Air Force
Frederick Kemp, Class of 1967, US Marine, KIA VietNam, May 8, 1968
Donald Kennell, Class of 1967,  US Marine
Larry Latimer, Class of 1967, US Air Force
William Scott Pryor class of 1967
Richard Hartwell class of 1968
Patrick Mahany class of 1968, US Army, in 1969 and graduated flight school in 1970. He served one tour in Vietnam from April 1970 to April 1971 where he flew 1200 combat hours. He was shot down three times and earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.
Thomas McKendrick, Class of 1968, US Army
Thomas Shroyer class of 1968
William Stewart class of 1968
Nelson Williams class of 1968
Austin Briggs class of 1969
John Perry, Class of 1969, US Marine
David C. Gates, Class of 1970, US Army
Thomas Hoerner, Class of 1970, US Air Force 1971-1975
William Karns, Class of 1970, US Marine
Garold Poyer, Class of 1970
Mike Pryor Class of 1970
Lance Schroeder, Class of 1970,US Air Force
Tracy Stephens, Class of 1970, US Air Force Academy, US Air Force, 6 yrs active duty
Mary Ellen Elsenheimer Moyer-Hutchinson, Class of 1971, US Navy, Deceased
Randall Baker, Class of 1971
Bryan Schroeder, Class of 1973, US Air Force
Stephen Hoyt, Class of 1973, US Air Force
Audrey J. Randall Whiting, class of 1973  US Army  Disabled
Gregory Hollister, Class of 1974, US Air Force
Gregory, Rowe, Class of 1974
Paul Conklin, Class of 1975, US Navy
Deanna Blovsky Kilpatrick, Class of 1975
Wanda Gamo Bassano, Class of 1976, US Air Force
Corrine Munn Chausse, Class of 1976, US Navy
Edward Dries, Class of 1976, US Navy, Active
Edgar Foster, Class of 1976
John Forster, Class of 1976
Steve Franklin, Class of 1976
Jay Glover, Class of 1977
Mary K. Loree, Class of 1977, US Army, Retired
Stanley Rowe, Class of 1977
Russell Booth II , Class of 1978
Leon “Ben” Clark, Class of 1978, US Navy
David Dunham Class of 1978, US Navy
Melford Greene, Class of 1978, US Navy
Raymond Hubbard,  Class of 1978, US Air Force
Patricia Johnson, Class of 1978,US Navy   
Douglas Meyers, Class of 1978, US Army, E-5 Sergeant
Craig Pfaff, Class of 1978, US Air Force
Craig Stauring, Class of 1978
Jay Sugden , Class of 1978
Bobby Watts Tibbits, Class of 1978, US Air Force Nurse
Kevin Bridge, Class of 1979, US Air Force 1981-1985
Allan J. Lucas, Class of 1979, US Navy, Retired/Deceased
Donald VanWinkle, Class of 1979, US Navy
Daniel Jordan, Class of 1980, US Army Nurse Corps, Capt.
David Vitrano, Classs of 1980, US Army, MP Corps, SPC
Robert Forester,Class of 1980, US Navy
Thomas Lawton, Class of 1980
Steven Lunn, Class of 1980
Harold Vosburg, Class of 1980
Timothy Haenisch, Class of 1981, US Navy 9/1981-11/2002
David Jamison, Class of 1981
James Rowe, Class of 1981
Robert Widmer II, Class of 1981
Kimberly Woodworth Fitzgerald, 1983
Robert Bly, Class of 1985
Ronald Gilmore, Class of 1985
Michael Lunn, 1985
Michael Nephew, Class of 1985
Michael Orman, Class of 1985
William Bly, Class of 1986
Steven Bridge, Class of 1986, US Army 1986-1992
Timothy Jamison, Class of 1986
Billie Jo Morgan Thompson, 1986
Alan Ingalls, Class of 1988, US Marine
Joel Stauring, Class of 1988, US Army
Samuel Edwards, Class of 1989, USN, Army Middle East, Iraq (4 Tours) Purple Heart
Christopher Kennell, Class of 1989, US Air Force
David Nye, Class of 1989, US Air Force 1989-1995, AF National Guard 1995 – 2015 Retired
Brian Pritchard, Class of 1989, Air Force
Christian Munn, Class of 1990, US Army,  Bosnia
Michael Stauffer, Class of 1990
Michael Davies, Class of 1991
Matthew Eymer, Class of 1991
John Jamison class of 1991
John “Nick” Mosko, Class of 1991, US Army
Scott Murray, Class of 1991, US Navy
Myron “Micky” Rider III, Class of 1991, US Air Force 1991-1995
Ronald Bohlayer, Class of 1992, Marine
Christopher Hurlbut, Class of 1992
Jenna Wells Meyers, Class of 1992, US Army, Retired
Michael F. Muhleisen, Class of 1992, US Air Force
Jeremy Badeau, Class of 1993, US Nacy
Shannon Davis, Class of 1993, US Army
Chad Graves, Class of 1993, US Navy
Lee “Tony” Apostale, Jr., Class of 1995, US Navy
Toby Hansen, Class of 1995, US Army
Jeremy Bagley, Class of 1996, US Army
Nathan Barr, Class of 1996
Philemon Jones, Class of 1996
Bradley Wellman, Class of 1996. US Navy
David Cain, Class of 1997, US Army
Jeremy Morgan, Class of 1997
Shane Stevens, Class of 1997
Arlene Baker Schouweiler, Class of 1998, US Navy
Rachel Baker Thomas, Class of 1998
Lynn Monaghan Sinsebox, Class of 1999, US Navy
Benjamin Perry class of 2000
Jessica Jamison, Class of 2000
Benjamin Perry, Class of 2000
Joseph Shinebarger, Class of 2000, US Army
James Gentile class of 2001
Jonathan Grillo class of 2001
Angela Ebert Kolewe, Class of 2001, US Army
Ambur Hurlbut class of 2002
Rachel Wolfanger Schramm Class of 2002
Kyle Baker class of 2003
Jerad Canfield class of 2003
Jess Gowiski, Class of 2003
Leo Seamon class of 2003
Rachelle “Shelly” Smith, Class of 2004, US Air Force
James Amell class of 2005. US Army
Laura Margie Nephew Hunt Couball, Class of 2005
John Lockwood, Class of 2007
Brian Gowiski, Class of 2008, US Marine
Kelvin LaPierre, Class of 2008
Brandon Smith, Class of 2008, US Marine
Sean Stillman, Class of 2008, US Marine
Zach Aumick, Class of 2009, US Marine
Branden Erskine class of 2011, US Marine
Cody Mackey, Class of 2011, US Army
Daron Butcavage. Class of 2012, US Army
Tanner Gomez Snyder class of 2012
Joshua Spoth, Class of 2012, US Marine
Gar Chatain, Class of 2014, US Army
Austin Geist, Class of 2014, US Army
Phillip Hurlbut , Class of 2014
Jamie Lemen, Class of 2015, US Army National Guard
Justyn Schumaker class of 2015, US Navy
Hunter Erskine, Class of 2016
Noah Hoyt, Class of 2016, US Army
Rocco Hurlbut, Class of 2016, 
Jenna Theilen, Class of 2016, US Air Force
Emily Jones, Class of 2017
Karman Hoyt, Class of 2018, US Air Force
Elizabeth Mikolajczyk, Class of 2018, US Air Force

Updated 8/30/2021