2023 Arkport Alumni Scholarships Awarded

The Arkport Alumni Association was established in 1942 and scholarships have been awarded since 1972.  100% of scholarship donations received are passed on to ACS graduating seniors.  Seniors are required to complete an application, indicate which scholarships they are applying for and provide a 300 word- essay.  Alumni officers meet to select scholarship winners and the following are winners of individual and Arkport Alumni scholarships.  All totaling $14,400.00.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of 2023 Scholarships handled by the Alumni Association and offered by Alumni members.

The Wolfgruber Family Scholarship
$1,500.00 ($750.00 a year for two (2) years)
This scholarship was started by Dr. Paul J. Wolfgruber, MD in memory of his son Paul Jr. who was killed before his senior year in 1965.  It was been continued by family and friends in memory of Dr. Wolfgruber (our local community doctor and school physician) and also son Kurt Wolfgruber, a member of 1968 ACS class.  The recipient must be of good character, active in school and community and going into a medical field.
This scholarship is awarded to:
Nema Sayeed

 The Ambrose J. Zahradnick Memorial Scholarship
Hard work, determination and perseverance in overcoming obstacles are foundational traits in the Zahradnick family.  This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated those traits throughout their high school career. This award is available to any senior from ACS who plans to attend a (2) or (4) year college, trade school or is entering the US military.
This scholarship is awarded to:
Chloe Herman

The Jess Dwyer Memorial Scholarship
The Jess Dwyer Memorial Scholarship has been provided by family members in memory of their brother Jess, who graduated in 1978.  Jess loved working and playing in the great outdoors.  He was a builder/mason by trade and was working on building his log home at the time of his death in 1982.  The recipient of this scholarship must show great character, love of the outdoors and continue their education in a trade or going out into the work force.  This scholarship and to:
Brendan Hakes

 The Donald Stauring Service Award
The Donald Stauring family is providing a scholarship in memory of their husband/father, a US Army veteran and member of the NYS Army National Guard for 35 years.  Donald was active in Boy Scout Troop 16, coached Little League and served his local church.  The recipient must be of great character, school and community active and entering into the service, fire service or criminal justice within three (3) months of graduation.
This scholarship is awarded to:
Stuart Kernan

The Canisteo Valley Historical Society Award
 The Canisteo Valley Historical Society has provided this scholarship from their membership to a graduating senior who has a love of history or will be majoring in History while attending college.
This scholarship is awarded to:
Isabella Merry

Kemp Family Memorial Scholarship
The Kemp/Canfield/Locke family has been in the Arkport area since the early 1800’s.  Frederick “Freddy” Kemp was a graduate of ACS, class of 1967, and was a great baseball player on the village and school ballfields.  Fred entered the Marines after graduation and was killed in action serving in Viet Nam May 8, 1968.  Julie Kemp Byron, class of 1972 was Fred’s sister and always cared for her family members and children.  She was a great friend to many and a wonderful all-a-round nice person.  The recipient must have the same qualities that Fred and Julie were known for.
This scholarship is awarded to:
Ethan Reynolds

 Arkport Alumni Scholarships
$500.00 each
Alumni scholarships are made possible by members of the alumni association and are awarded to:

Braydon Brewster, MacKenzie Flaitz, Yasmin Ford, Jenna Franklin, Caitlyn Gilman, Lana Hakes, Logan Howe, Logan Hoyt, Autumn LaFrance, Josephina Lichioveri, Abigail Mauro, Nathan Morey, Kenneth Muhleisen, Laura Murray, Pete Patrick, Reese Payne, Elizabeth Smith, Nick Stuart, Maureen Stuckey, Pierce Young

 We wish to the congratulate the Class of 2023 on their achievements during their time at ACS.  We hope that whatever journey they take in life, they take a part of ACS with them.

Thank you!