In Memory of Arkport Alumni Members!

On November 12, 2022, officers of the Arkport Alumni Association, President Linda Wellington Burdett, Vice President Brenda Smith Porter, Secretary Tracie Hoyt McCarthy and Treasurer Cathi Crossett VanIderstine, were joined by ACS Superintendent Jesse Harper and ACS BOE member Michelle Chamberlin along with Joe Pollinger, ACS Supervisor of Building and Grounds Maintenance, in dedicating a 16′ Sugar Maple tree in memory of Arkport Alumni members.

During a recent storm the 100+ year old Oak tree was damaged and needed to be taken down.   Many will remember this Oak tree as several senior pictures were taken around the tree, classes were often held in the shade of its branches on hot school days and often kids playing on the playground would find their way up the hill to play near the tree.

With the help of Joe Pollinger and Logan Sliter, (Class of 2014) of the Arkport Village Public Works Department, the new tree was planted near the site of the old tree, over looking the sports fields and playground.

This tree will grow and will be tapped and used with other Sugar Maple trees on the property by students learning to make Maple Syrup.

In the Spring, a marker will be placed honoring alumni members.

(Check out the stump in the picture and note how large its base way.  Studies will be made to determine the species of the tree and its true age.)