Alumni/ACS Employees

Education has always been a very important part in the Arkport community.  From the early days of the one-room log school house to the current Arkport Central School District, the community and ACS alumni members have  been there to provide education and support for students in grades K-12.

In conjunction with the 2022 Arkport Summerfest Committee, whose theme this year is “Hometown Heroes”, and also with the Hometown Hero Committee (honoring area Veterans) we have decided to honor Alumni members who have worked at ACS providing education and support from food service, transportation, building and maintenance, aides, clerks, coaching and many more areas as ACS Alumni Heroes!

We have compiled a list of alumni members who have or are currently working at ACS.  We honor these workers/teachers for their beneficial support.  If we have missed someone, please reach out on our email or FaceBook page with the information.


Class of First Name Maiden Name Last Name Position
1940 Oral Neal Ames Transportation
1931 Helen Jones Babcock Teacher
2009 Timothy Bailey Transportation/BOE
2012 Micaela Smallman Bates Food Service
2016 Kelcy Beckstrom Teacher
1921 Howard Benning BOE
1998 Richard Booth Computer Tech.
1980 Lorraine Rainey Osborn Brewer Teaching Aide
1969 Linda Wellington Burdett Publications/Yearbook Advisor
1952 Marcella Slocum Butler Food Service
1971 Christine Henry Byron Food Service
1949 Angela Shaut Wheeler Caldwell Business Office
1996 Rebecca Stever Canfield Volleyball Coach
1922 Marian Locke Canfield Food Service
1979 Al Carson Asst. Coach
1978 Lois Butler Chapman FoodService/Transportation
1938 Jack Clark Maintenance
1928 Janice Collins 7th & 8th Grade/History
George Collins Teacher
1985 Barbara Howe Cook Teaching Aide
2013 Joseph Cook Maintenance
1983 Jack Cook Wrestling Coach
1974 Kathleen Jones Doll Cramer Food Service
2000 Tammy Dickinson Transportation
1998 Holly Phelps Drahms Teacher
1947 Lois Benning Dungan Business Office
2011 Ashley Swarts Dunning Teacher
1977 William Ellis Maintenance
1968 Barbara Schultheis Elsenheimer Teacher
1973 Christine Emo Food Service
1969 Jean Dibble Erskine Food Service
1965 Betsey Kilbury Farley Transportation
1927 Gladys Crossett Fidler Teacher
1992 Jason Flaitz SRO Officer
1967 Charles Flanders Transportation
1991 Brenda MacNaughton Fox Teacher
1995 Jeremiah Franklin Teacher
1944 Mary Louise Brown Gottschall School Nurse
1969 Betty Yezarski Haenisch Attendance
2007 Koby Hahn HS Principal
1979 Stephen Hahn BOE
1993 Angela Steven Herman Teacher
1999 Jennifer Holbrook Payne Aide/Mod BBall Coach
1978 Margaret Borrello Hooker Teacher
2009 Max Houy Teacher
2010 Katharine “Katie”  Guenther Houy Librarian
1943 Jack “Bing” Howe Transportation
Eugene Howe Maintenance
1969 Donel Howe Maintenance
1953 Virginia Howe Crossing Guard
1973 Stephen Hoyt BOE
1944 Phyllis Lawrence Hoyt Aide
1971 Philip Jones BOE
1927 Seymour Jones BOE
1973 Sandra Calnan Karns Aide
1979 Brenda Karns Transportation
1922 Genevieve Lawrence Karr Food Service
1950 Earlyne Sampson Kennell District Clerk
1961 Richard Kennell BOE
1949 Erma Sick Kilbury Food Service
1924 Rhea Klickner Kimble Teacher
1937 Vivian Tucker King Teacher
1927 Marie Mutter King Teacher
2013 Jordon Kramer Teacher
1924 Leo Krauze Union School BOE
1956 Ronald Kromer Transportation
1949 Madlyn Lawrence Lang Attendance
1974 Jeffrey Lang Teacher
1960 Sandra Lawrence Aide
1984 Steven Lee Teacher
1951 Nina Woolever Linzy Teacher
2002 Charles Locke Mod Soccer/BBall Coach
2012 Katlin MacNaughton Teacher
1974 Gary Mahany BOE
1997 Tracie Hoyt McCarthy Food Service/BOE
2011 Andrew McDaniels Maintenance
1974 Ann VanWinkle McDaniels BOE
1972 Teresa Fisk McMichael Cheerleading Coach
1988 Dawn Drake Mess Aide
1993 Wendy Ellis Millikan Teacher
1914 Bertha Gray Multer Teacher
1971 Barbara Doan Nilson Aide
1974 Debra Kromer Perry Teacher
1972 Ralph Perry Wrestling Coach
1939 Arnold Perry Transportation
1950 Marie Sampson Phelps Business Office
1973 Edward Phelps BOE
1988 Lynn Bradoc Poloncarz Aide
1970 Garold Poyer BOE
1979 Debra Ellis Price Food Service
1948 William Pryor BOE
2010 Kyleigh Rahr Recktenwald
1953 John Rhône Transportation
1988 Tina Rider Rider-Moore Food Service
1965 Diane Robinson Teacher
1954 Nicholas Schiotti Guidance
1978 Paula Clark Schwartz Teacher
2003 Laura Soukup Shephard Teacher
1918 Walter Sherner District Clerk
2001 Tricia Clarey Smith Nurse
1969 Bruce Smith Transportation
1952 Noretta Kennell Smith Food Service
1976 Bridgette Stillman Smith Transportation
2003 Andrew Smith Mod Soccer Coach
2010 Nicholas Smith Varsity Baseball Coach
1962 Albert Stever BOE
1964 Ronald Strobel Transportation
1986 Jennifer Jamison Swarts BOE
1990 Daniel Thompson Maintenance
1974 MarySue Jones Thompson Teacher
1951 Barbara Tuttle Torrence Transportation
1976 Catherine Crossett Van Iderstine Teacher
1970 Christina O’Dell Wellington Aide
1934 Phyllis Robords Wilkins Teacher
1972 Margaret Karns Williams Aide
1989 Deanna Hurlbut Winter Transportation
1978 Susan Dries Woodvine Food Service
1991 Stephen Woolworth Maintenance
1992 Jay Young Aide